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How to use PUT/PATCH and DELETE method in Laravel 5.5

As a standard practice of creating an CRUD application there are certain actions in like update and delete which requires the method submitted to the server url to be either PUT/PATCH (to modify the resource) and DELETE (for deleting the resource). This is how the standard calls look like in Laravel CRUD application. This can […]

Tutorial – Simple CRUD Operations in Laravel 5.5

Create, Read, Update and Delete are the very basic operations that almost every application has. Creating a basic CRUD applicaion in laravel is very simple thing in Laravel. Complexity of the operations are within the Laravel’s frameworka and there is some basic configuration sorts of things which needs to be performed to make this working. […]

Integrating Bootstrap 4 Layout to Laravel Project

This article lays out steps of integrating the Bootstrap based layout to Laravel Project, using Laravel’s blade templating engine. Requirements Installed Laravel Project on your Local. Bootstrap v.4 JS and CSS File. Desired Bootstrap Layout, I am using Album Example For Bootstrap for this demo. Create layout file. The initial setup of Laravel comes with […]

Connecting your Project to Database in Laravel

Connecting your laravel project to mysql database or any other relational database is fairly easy. Since we have done the installation with XAMPP. It comes along with already installed mysql and phpmyadmin to make changes to your database. This post is assuming you already have a laravel project setup in your local and you are […]

Passing data to views from routes in Laravel.

There are multiple ways through which you can pass data from your routes to views. We will explore them all. Attaching data to view You can bind your data directly to your view file and while returning the view from the routes.

With this above route, variable name and age are now directly available […]

How to Apply Laravel Middleware to certain routes or exclude from certain routes

As you know Laravel Middleware can be applied to all the rotues in your controller by invoking the middleware method of Controller.

In the above code auth middleware will applied to all the routes and methods under UserController. Apply Middleware to only certain route.  

With the above code auth middleware will be applied to […]

How to Install Laravel 5.5 with XAMPP on Linux

Requirements Linux Installed System. Laravel 5.5 requires PHP version 7 or more, and some other extensions. Since we are doing setup on XAMPP. Make sure to Install the XAMPP with version >= 7.0.0 . Install XAMPP First of all we need to download and install XAMPP for Linux. Download it from the apache friends official website. […]

User Role based Authentication and Access Control in Laravel

This tutorial gives a step by step guide on how to setup Role based authorization in Laravel along with it’s native authentication system. We are using Laravel 5.5 for this tutorial. Role Based Authorization Let’s just take a moment to understand role based authorization and what you can achieve with this. Let’s say you are […]